What Does Autumn Have To Do With Your Horoscope?

What Does Autumn Have To Do With Your Horoscope?


February 19–March 20

Are you a little tired of your home after almost a year of social distancing and lockdowns? When Mars dips down to the base of your chart on the 3rd and sets up camp there for a seven-week stay, you’ll have the energy to tackle domestic projects like repairs and closet cleanouts. It will feel good to improve your space — but run what you’re doing past anyone who shares it, since this Mars placement also points to conflict on the home front. If you find yourself in a crabby mood, sidestep petty arguments and focus on solo projects that bring you peace. The sun and Neptune hold their annual summit in your sign on March 10th, so you’ll probably feel extra sensitive that day. Healthy escapes like meditation, music and movies should prevent you from getting overwhelmed by the world. When Venus and Neptune coalesce in Pisces on the 13th, imagination, beauty and love seem to have no limits! The potential downside to your dreamy haze is that people may misread your signals and somehow take advantage of your vulnerability. But for the most part, you can relish lovely interactions and exude sweet kindheartedness. Earlier that day, the new moon shows up in your sign, representing your biggest fresh start of the year! It’s a great excuse to play with your image and show off a different side of yourself if you’re ready for a new look or want to be seen in a fresh light. You could also get serious about making a dream come true and handpicking people to support that effort. Mars and Saturn form a power couple on the 20th, nudging you to unpack emotional baggage in a quest for closure. Bonus: You might also complete a project around the house, resolve a family matter or reorganize your abode. When Mercury and Mars battle two days later, though, you could fly off the handle. The likeliest causes of an outburst? Irritability or a problem with someone you live with. The best way to handle it is to avoid getting defensive. Easier said than done, right? An alliance between the sun and Venus on March 26th encourages you to focus on your desires, material needs, belongings, finances, personal values, self-sufficiency and the pleasures of nature. Under this influence, you’re likely to identify very strongly with what you have and what is most important to you. It’s appropriate to examine your relationship with money and things now, asking yourself if they serve your needs or vice versa. To strengthen your sense of security, make good use of your singular talents. Your message could get muddled on the 29th, when Mercury becomes lost in Neptune’s fog. Whether you’re actually misunderstood or just feel like someone’s not getting it, listen to your intuition. And don’t go to great lengths to clarify yourself. Instead, look for a creative outlet to express what’s inside you.


March 21–April 19

After your ruling planet zips into your thinking-and-talking corner on March 3rd, you’ll be fired up to pitch your ideas and be your own best advocate. Your mind could become hyperactive in the next month and a half, making you restless. Learning is probably the most productive use of this energy, since travel — another ideal outlet — is likely to be a non-starter. Exploring your environs in a way that gets your blood pumping would be another good bet. So why not check out a new neighborhood on a brisk walk or bike ride? Stand up for what you think, but if you end up in pointless spats, pull back and assess whether you’re identifying too strongly with your every idea and becoming combative. A sun-Neptune meeting on the 10th amplifies your empathy and intuition and might inspire selfless action. But if it also saps your strength, give yourself permission to rest. Thanks to a Venus-Neptune alignment on March 13th, you could enjoy a private romantic encounter with someone special or show your compassion for others. You might get lost in fantasyland if you’re nursing a secret crush. And if the attachment isn’t healthy for you, look at this as an opportunity to release old love from your heart. On March 20th and 21st, the sun and Venus sail into Aries, filling you with vitality and charm. Now you’ll be in the mood to see people and grab some time in the spotlight. It’s your birthday season, so put yourself first and think about what (and whom) you want to draw into your life. You deserve a little extra attention, and you’re bound to get it! Also on the 21st, a Mars-Saturn mashup encourages you to be forthcoming with your ideas and prepared to back them up. A go-getter mindset and direct speech can fuel a collaboration and help you secure supporters. This is a great transit for proactive networking, so make an effort to connect with others. But when Mercury provokes Mars in your communication corner on March 23rd, a thought that’s lurking in your head could suddenly come flying out of your mouth. Do your best to edit yourself. If you don’t think before you speak, you could blurt out a secret, say something that comes back to bite you or use fighting words. The sun and Venus join forces on March 26th, allowing you to radiate your beauty, charisma and creativity for all the world to see. Your personality will permeate your interactions, and people are likely to respond to you in a positive way. With the law of attraction on your side, love or fun may come looking for you. You certainly won’t have to work to get what you want. Whether you’re feeling flirty, sociable, playful, affectionate, artistic or decadent — express yourself! And try not to get sucked into if-onlys on the 29th when a Mercury-Neptune get-together may trigger wistful thoughts. Venus and the sun will click with Saturn the following two days, improving your mood. Lean on friends if you need support.


April 20–May 20

Once activating Mars cruises into your worth house on March 3rd, you could get an urge to boost your income, go on a spending spree or get rid of some possessions — maybe all of the above! Now you’re motivated to be more proactive about dealing with your resources and acquiring what you need. Curb those impulse splurges, though, if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Evaluate everything you have at your disposal, and use your assets to the best of your ability. A week later, a sun-Neptune meetup can make you feel naturally connected to a group. But it might blur the boundaries between you and others to the point where you’re super vulnerable to peer pressure. Remember you’re allowed to say no. Venus’s date with Neptune on the 13th tempts you to relish escapist fun with your squad or do something really sweet and selfless for a friend. If you’re collaborating on a creative project, you won’t have any trouble getting into a good flow and doing inspired work. The sun and Venus slip into the last house of your chart on the 20th and 21st, dialing down your energy and your desire to see people. You’ll require plenty of rest and quiet time to recharge your battery. Don’t hesitate to sneak off by yourself and catch up on your zzzs or indulge in some other replenishing escape. Thanks to a confab between Mars and Saturn — also on March 21st — you can use what you have going for you to put together a successful career trajectory or life path. It’s not about instant gratification; it’s about a solid plan — full of action steps — that slowly shores up your financial security and your standing in the world. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Mercury argues with Mars on the 23rd, increasing the potential for a disagreement with friends or associates. You’re likely to get aggravated if you feel like you have to get a consensus before you can make a move. Your strongest compulsion is to do what you need to in order to protect your own bottom line. With the sun and Venus lining up on March 26th, dreams may seem more real than waking life. Your imagination is coming alive! Give yourself permission to drift — listen to music, go for a solo run, meditate, watch movies, get lost in a creative endeavor or simply let your mind wander. Releasing a past love or something your ego is too tied up in would also be a wise move. On the 29th, a Mercury-Neptune mashup might lead to crossed wires in a group, or it can help you pick up on people’s unspoken signals and get on the same wavelength. Don’t take words too literally; trust your gut. A kind gesture or intuitive act during the last two days of the month could earn recognition. Ironically, the less invested you are in scoring points, the more likely you are to get credit.


May 21–June 20

Every couple of years, Mars pays a visit to your sign that lasts approximately seven weeks and motivates you to chase after what you want. You lucky Twins will host the action planet from March 3rd until April 23rd, firing you up to get tons done! While you’ll enjoy success executing your personal agenda, you should try not to be too domineering in your zeal to accomplish everything you want to. That doesn’t mean you should hesitate to stand up for yourself if called for. Go ahead and prove what you can do — you’re capable of jockeying for position and making a big impression during this period. The sun and Neptune coalesce on the 10th, suggesting that if you’re not clear on the direction you’re heading in professionally or in life in general, those doubts may overwhelm you now. The good news is a higher truth about your spiritual mission could sink in now. And thanks to a new moon on the 13th, you’re primed to set new goals and may even embark on a new chapter in your career. When Venus gels with Neptune later that day, your creativity could earn you recognition. There’s also a chance you’ll be drawn to an older or more established person, since it’s easy to idolize someone else’s status under this influence. Going after what you want and playing by the rules are by no means mutually exclusive when Mars syncs with Saturn on March 21st. Take action that serves a noble purpose (like fighting for a cause) rather than your own interests. Combine motivation and pragmatism, and you’ll steadily manifest your vision. Ambitious thinking spurs you to make your move when Mercury in your achievement angle needles Mars in Gemini. Or maybe a voice of authority will provoke you that day. Try not to play into the hands of someone who’s setting you off. Keep your cool and let your own ideas or another person’s words motivate you. Your relations with other people will reap the benefits when the sun meets up with Venus on the 26th. Expressing your emotions and your personality will allow you to feel more connected to humanity. That sensation of knowing you’re not alone in the world and that your hopes and dreams intersect with those of other human beings is reassuring now. It’s the perfect time for you to join a group, socialize with people in whatever way you can or do a bit of professional networking. Mercury meshes with Neptune on March 29th, which can make it harder to spell out your goals and communicate with authority figures. But the upside is that your imagination might kick in, giving you a more creative vision of your true calling. Collabs and learning experiences on March 30th and 31st show great promise, so even though the presence of mobilizing Mars in your sign makes you want to go it alone, join forces on those days if the opportunity arises.


June 21–July 22

Starting on March 3rd, your best strategy is to operate behind the scenes without expecting to be applauded for your effort. Mars will bed down in your subliminal corner for seven long weeks, pushing you to work solo under the radar. You might get involved in a selfless endeavor that benefits others. But you could also grow frustrated and sabotage yourself, particularly if you want more recognition. The more aware you are of self-defeating tendencies, the better off you’ll be. Avoid slipping into a regressive behavior pattern; instead, confront your hidden motives. With the sun and Neptune convening on the 10th, you’re tempted to identify very strongly with a principle, cause or dogma — to the extent where you’re easily influenced. Try to make peace with not knowing everything. Allow yourself to connect with a range of people. You might be able to help others in some way. Venus has her own meeting with Neptune scheduled for March 13th, and it could coincide with a strong attraction to someone who’s very different from you or someone who’s not your usual type. The magnetic pull of unfamiliar pleasures is strong, so it’s possible you’ll fall under the spell of a stranger. Or maybe you’ll enjoy some type of cultural experience and relate to a world that’s new to you. Thanks to an encounter between Mars and Saturn on the 21st, working by yourself in a low-key setting (or in tandem with a partner) and concentrating intently on what you’re doing will pay dividends. Dive deep and don’t come up for air! Mercury goes toe-to-toe with Mars on March 23rd, putting you at risk of speaking out in a manner that works against you. You could feel quite righteous but might be shadow boxing with an imaginary opponent out of defensiveness. Don’t become too wedded to your own position, or you could talk yourself into a corner. Be open to learning and willing to put in the work to acquire knowledge that expands your perspective. On the 26th, the sun and Venus rendezvous at the top of your chart, enabling you to shine in public or in your profession and make a good impression on someone who can help you achieve your goals. You shouldn’t go about your business in a private manner that day; maintain a high profile, despite the signal that Mars is sending to keep your head down. That way, you’ll have a shot at being acknowledged and praised. People will be inclined to recognize your value when they see how much you have to offer the world. This is a planetary pairing that calls for you to show off a little. So give your ambition free rein and put your talents on display! Mercury melds with Neptune on March 29th, hinting at a spiritual awakening. Although mystical meaning can permeate your perception, you might get disoriented and have a hard time separating truth from fiction. This is an opportunity to become more conscious — if you can avoid embracing dubious views and thinking you’re wiser than others.


July 23–August 22

After Mars zings into your humanity house on March 3rd, teamwork will be a winning strategy for the month and a half that follows. The best way to pursue your interests and achieve your objectives now is to seek out people who share them — and then join forces. It’s also a good time to do things that benefit others, so you might opt to team up on a charitable endeavor like a community fridge. Find ways to coordinate your own needs and aims with those of others. A sun-Neptune summit in your depth zone coaxes you to share yourself with another person and tune into your own psychological undercurrents. Under this influence, boundaries are blurry and everything feels intense and complex. Ground yourself by keeping it simple. Intimacy can feel beautiful, romantic and intense all at the same time when Venus and Neptune embrace on the 13th. If you have a sexual partner, you might feel like he or she is your soulmate. Chalk that up to the decidedly spiritual vibe that this planetary combo lends to physical encounters. There’s plenty of potential for healing too — so if you’re on your own, look at this as a golden opportunity to release old pain and forgive. Mars and Saturn form an alliance on March 21st that can act as a bridge between you and others to facilitate teamwork, professional networking and group activities. If you’re strategic and take the initiative, you could secure a mentor or partner or make an important contact. Be ready to take a savvy risk, and continue to make everything about learning. Mercury annoys Mars on March 23rd, which could make intimate relations and group relations a bit prickly. Be careful what you say and to whom! You could hit a nerve and then, next thing you know, someone’s ready to fight. The other side of the coin: Well-chosen, powerful words can spur people to action. The appeal of broadening your horizons cannot be denied when the sun and Venus come together in your exploration sector on the 26th. You might be inspired to learn something for sheer pleasure, perhaps starting a new course of study or immersing yourself in a foreign culture. Plus, you can discover things about yourself and about the world through relationships when these planets pair up. Seek out a wide variety of people or jump into new experiences with people you already know. The full moon on March 28th could spell a flurry of information; a development close to home (particularly in your community or in your relationship with a sibling); or simply too much coming at you for you to process. Take a breath, then tell people how you’re feeling and what you need from them. Mercury and Neptune will merge on March 29th, increasing compassion for someone close to you and self-acceptance. Forgiveness and soulful connection have the power to heal. However, words can get twisted now, so choose them with care and listen with an open mind.


August 23–September 22

Your ambition shifts into overdrive on March 3rd when motivated Mars ascends to your achievement angle, where he’ll be hovering for seven whole weeks. You’re geared up to put your plans into action and pursue big goals. If possible, work independently and pour your energy into projects that mean something to you. Mars loathes answering to anyone, and the same goes for you during this transit. Since you might step on toes while climbing the ladder, do your best to stay aware of how you’re coming across. The sun and Neptune convene on the 10th, making it more challenging for you to comprehend your role in a relationship and see yourself from the other person’s point of view. Are you giving up too much to stay in it and losing sight of your identity? If anyone is overshadowing or exhausting you, see if you can get some distance in order to find your bearings and regain your strength and individuality. Venus has her own conference with Neptune on the 13th, an indicator that you may be wearing rose-colored glasses in one-on-one interactions. If you’ve put an individual up on a pedestal, this planetary mashup can cause you to become disillusioned. And if you meet a new romantic prospect, there’s a good chance you’ll idealize him or her from the start. The upside: An effortlessly pleasant encounter could also be in the cards! In fact, earlier that day, a new moon in your interpersonal angle hints that a new partnership (or new level of commitment in an existing one) might be just around the corner. On March 21st, a Mars-Saturn coalition points to hard work paying off in the form of noticeable progress — and perhaps professional or public accolades. Concentrate on key goals and strive to accomplish them without a lot of flash. Mercury’s spat with Mars on March 23rd can throw off negotiations or cause a seemingly nice conversation to take a turn for the worse. Maybe you think you’re in agreement, and then you or the other party starts getting bossy. Try not to say anything you’ll need to walk back later. When the sun and Venus bond in your depth sector on the 26th, you’re reminded of the value of revealing yourself to another person and feeling loved. The importance of knowing yourself — or someone else — deeply and loving who you (or they) are is another theme of this planetary configuration. You can become more aware of the way you’re wired by contemplating your psyche or experiencing closeness. Intense sex, emotional intimacy and personal introspection will all be gratifying. Mercury’s presence in your interpersonal angle during the second half of the month is facilitating dialogues, but the communication planet gets lost in Neptune’s fog on March 29th. Given the mystical overtones, you could read someone’s mind and pick up on their emotions or become thoroughly confused by them. Aim for a spiritual connection, and don’t try to interpret anyone too literally.


September 23–October 22

When Mars blasts into your exploration corner on the 3rd of March, your appetite for adventure grows. Between then and April 23rd, you’ll be more inclined to take risks. You’re on a mission to have fresh experiences that expand your mind, so dare yourself to conquer new territory in whatever way you can pull off safely nowadays. You also have the courage to fight for truth and justice, making this a good month to become active in a cause. Thanks to a sun-Neptune alliance on the 10th, you’re prepared to sacrifice something in order to be of service. Demanding work may satisfy your soul, but don’t forget to take care of your body so you don’t burn out. Your ruling planet tangles with Neptune on March 13th, inspiring you once again to help someone you care for or perform an act of kindness that benefits strangers. Let the spirit of service move you. You’re also capable of doing highly creative work under this influence. And you might find yourself attracted to a person you see every day, like a coworker. On March 20th and 21st, the sun and Venus cross your interpersonal angle, highlighting your one-on-one relationships for the remainder of the month. You’ll be in the mood for plenty of companionship and will feel energized by other individuals. Also on the 21st, you’ll have the momentum to push the limits of who you can be and what will make you happy when Mars clicks with Saturn. With personal growth as the goal, you’re prepared to bet on yourself and explore uncharted territory. Unfamiliar experiences can reveal routes to fulfillment. Then on March 23rd, Mercury battles Mars, suggesting that critical words could incite a debate, or your laser focus will clash with an impulse to go big. Your thoughts are quite detailed, while your actions are all about broad strokes. Instead of talking yourself out of expanding your horizons, why not use your analytical skills to discern how you can safely go out on a limb. Believe you can do something because you’ve thought it through, not just because it’s exciting. A sun-Venus meeting on the 26th alludes to pleasant, engaging interactions. You’ll enjoy being yourself with people and won’t have any trouble getting along with them, so don’t spend too much time by yourself if you can help it. A romantic or creative partnership is highly favored now. You’ll be inclined to indulge others, and the reverse is true as well. On the 28th, a full moon in Libra can make you super emotional. Put yourself first and do what you need to do to feel better. This is the best lunation of the year for letting go of something (or someone) that has outlived its purpose for you and is no longer a healthy part of your life. The next day, a Mercury-Neptune tangle might muddle communication on the job. Have patience with crossed wires and rely on your instincts regarding the best way to tackle a problem.


October 23–November 21

After your co-ruler, Mars, dives into your depth zone on March 3rd, he’ll hunker down there for a lengthy stay, activating your libido and narrowing your focus to what (and whom) you’re most passionate about. Dig into the projects and relationships that truly matter to you and give them your all. This transit is ideal for research, investigations and psychological exploration; leave no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of something over the next seven weeks. Due to a sun-Neptune confab on the 10th, you’re susceptible to escapist fun and might overdo it. Plus, the allure of healing someone with your love or being saved by an ideal lover is hard to resist, and merging with someone you’re attracted to has a rather addictive appeal. It’s essential to keep your own separate identity, even if all you want is to get lost in a feeling. Venus and Neptune have their own dance booked for March 13th, allowing you to channel your muse and create noteworthy art. Get in the flow and let your imagination run wild. There’s a chance you’ll over-idealize a romantic interest or pleasure once again, since Neptune continues to generate a smokescreen around love and happiness. Both have a magical quality, and it’s your choice whether or not to dial it down. A new moon in the same part of your chart that day could signal that a new love affair, creative endeavor, hobby or other source of pleasure is in the pipeline. When the sun and Venus segue into your efficiency corner on the 20th and 21st, though, a chunk of your attention will turn to practical matters like your job, physical wellbeing and to-do list. The month that follows should be a productive one! And due to a Mars-Saturn summit on March 21st, you can blend intense focus and emotional restraint beautifully. You might overcome a psychological stumbling block and mature as a result. An argument between Mercury and Mars two days later suggests heartfelt words can trigger a strong reaction, or your sense of humor might provoke someone. Then on the 26th, the sun and Venus get together, highlighting the link between looking good and feeling good. These two planets are trying to persuade you to value your health and take great care of yourself. They want you to recognize and honor the connection between your mind, your body and your spirit and to promote the wellness of all three. A good daily routine can help you do precisely that. Besides your willingness to work on self-improvement, this planetary blend also gives you a positive attitude about working on relationships. Bonus: Your interactions with colleagues are likely to be extra smooth now. With Mercury and Neptune rendezvousing on the 29th, heartfelt words and beautiful writing will flow out of you, but you might not see the object of your affection very clearly — echoing the meetings between the sun, Venus and Neptune earlier in the month.


November 22–December 21

Your most productive strategy after Mars crosses your interpersonal angle on March 3rd will be to team up with other individuals on projects and activities and reap the benefits of partnership. You won’t get as much done on your own, so reach out to people and propose collaborations. In the seven weeks that follow, you can get conflicts out in the open in your relationships and work through them together. A sun-Neptune conference on the 10th can pull you into private memories and emotions, and you might view them through a distorted lens. Alone time will help ground you. The similar Venus-Neptune get-together on March 13th alludes to the irresistible pull that the pleasures of home and family have now. You could overdo it when it comes to comforts like food or become totally absorbed in beautifying your space. Relaxing indulgences like binge-watching and sleeping in will have lots of appeal; you’re in the mood to check out and linger in another realm. You might opt to stay in with someone special, since romance on the home front is also favored. A new moon earlier that day in the same part of your chart foretells a possible change in your living situation or your family. This is a good excuse to start a new at-home self-care routine or get going on a domestic project like early spring cleaning. Mars gels with Saturn in your thinking-and-talking corner on March 21st, encouraging you to team up with people you know and form an alliance. Take equality seriously, and you can resolve a relationship issue through your actions, especially if words fail you. When Mercury and Mars butt heads on the 23rd, your language could be colored by emotional baggage and rub someone the wrong way. Although you may very well be the wounded party, defensiveness is apt to make matters worse. Pay attention to the signals you’re sending out and take responsibility for your own behavior instead of allowing your buttons to be pushed. You’re inspired to play, love and create when the sun and Venus align in your fulfillment house on March 26. If you let your personality and feelings shine through, you’ll enjoy life — and people will enjoy your company. Don’t worry about fitting in; revel in the pleasure of standing out. Artistic expression, games, hobbies, humor and romance can all offer satisfaction now. On the 28th, a full moon in your humanity house could trigger drama in your squad or a falling-out with a group. If a friendship or affiliation is no longer serving a healthy purpose in your life and seems to have run its course, it’s fine to walk away now. But if a good friend needs you, do what you can to support them. Mercury and Neptune confer on March 29th, which might trigger disappointment or a misunderstanding with a parent or roommate. Fortunately, you’ll have the ability to tune into emotional undercurrents and express how much you care.


December 22–January 19

With Mars entering your efficiency corner on March 3rd, you’ll be channeling oodles of energy into taking care of the business at hand. This is a seven-week period for buckling down and getting to work. Do what needs doing at your job, exercise regularly, tackle daily duties, and take pride in being productive and useful. You may not get a whole lot of credit for your efforts, but you can gain satisfaction from accomplishing what is necessary. When the sun and Neptune mesh on the 10th, you might get confused or feel gullible, but you could also read someone’s mind and discover spiritual truths. Venus unites with Neptune on the 13th, helping pleasant thoughts and heartfelt words to flow naturally. You could dream up incredibly imaginative ideas out of the ether or get lost in a daydream. Or you might be moved to tell someone how you feel about them and will easily find the words. That same day, a new moon in your thinking-and-talking corner encourages you to become more active in your community; start a writing project; get closer to a sibling; change your attitude; open a fresh channel of communication; gather facts; study a new subject; or explore an unfamiliar neighborhood. On March 16th and 18th, the sun and Venus form coalitions with Pluto in Capricorn, enabling you to express yourself compellingly and make a strong impression. Your powers of persuasion are formidable under this influence, so be sure to use them for good! Mars and Saturn will be in cahoots on the 21st, reinforcing your work ethic. Your productivity can shore up your finances, while healthy habits will boost self-esteem. When Mercury and Mars go at it two days later, your mindset and M.O. won’t exactly dovetail, and you may get frustrated. Work alone if you can and avoid telling people what to do. Your brain is operating at a pretty rapid pace, and it’s best to act in a methodical way in order to accomplish what you need to. On the 26th, a sun-Venus alignment at the base of your chart emphasizes the pleasures of home and family and lures you to spend time with people who feel like family to you — and in places that feel like home (including your actual home). You’ll be in the mood to nest and indulge in comforts like delicious food, and you might also opt to do some decorating. Giving your décor an ultra-personal touch is important now because you want your space to represent your private self and to provide you with a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Mercury and Neptune become entwined on March 29th, making thoughts and conversations much more subjective. There’s a good chance you’ll get your wires crossed with another person. But you could also have a creative breakthrough, read others intuitively and convey empathy through kind words.


January 20–February 18

You’ll be inclined to do as you please between March 3rd and April 23rd, with firecracker Mars charging through your joy zone. Now you’re motivated by fun, romance, creativity, self-expression and passion — so identify what you desire and go after it wholeheartedly! You might make the first move with someone you’re crushing on, dive into an artistic endeavor or carve out lots of free time for play. The sun’s summit with Neptune in your worth sector a week later can bring out fears of not having enough, not being enough, and losing what you have. You’re in danger of enmeshing your identity with your belongings and financial status and assuming your material and monetary worth define you. Don’t lose sight of higher values and don’t take unnecessary risks. Immersing yourself in nature would be a blissful treat for your senses, so get outside and wander if possible. It’s difficult to distinguish between need and want when Venus merges with Neptune on the 13th, stirring a longing for something you don’t have. You might not be able to pinpoint the source of your discontent and could build up the object of your desire as the answer to everything. Your self-image may be rather shaky now, so dip into the deep well of empathy and compassion this planetary coupling generates — and love your flawed, invaluable self. Lucky for you, Mars in your fulfillment house is making music with Saturn in Aquarius, suggesting that you can gamble and win if you’re willing to bet on yourself. Put a plan in place that leads to personal happiness. Take your growth seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously! Go after what completes you — and be sure to factor in joy, love and creative expression. Two days later, a Mercury-Mars dustup warns against mixing love and money or dictating priorities to others. You could be thinking along frugal lines but are tempted to grab what you want in the moment. Try to avoid breaking a deal with yourself and perhaps making a hasty choice out of pride or passion. A sun-Venus conference on the 26th paves the way for vibrant self-expression, creative ideas and warm, energetic interactions. You’re in an affectionate, agreeable mood and inclined to reach out to people, share your feelings and exchange views. Your upbeat mentality could inspire flirting and fuel an appreciation for beautiful surroundings and engaging dialogue. With Mercury and Neptune circling each other on March 29th, your financial judgment may be clouded. Watch your spending if you’re unable to distinguish between requiring and desiring. Listen to your gut, even if you don’t love what it’s telling you! Venus and the sun vibe with grounded Saturn on the last two days of the month, so you won’t have any trouble speaking with an air of authority and thinking things through objectively. If you’ve felt cut off from people, now’s a good time to reconnect and lift your spirits

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